Power Mac G5 Introduction Video

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Today’s personal computers use 32-bit technology, but computers in the future will use 64-bit.

And the future is now, an Apple.

The new PowerMac G5, the world’s first personal computer uses 64-bit processor accelerating everything from 3D animation to scientific computation.

Philip Schiller
Senior Vice President
Worldwide Product Marketing

When we started on the G5, we knew we couldn’t just make something with a little bit faster. We had to make it with a whole lot faster. And we did. That was the world most powerful personal computer period.

Jon Rubinstein
Senior Vice President
Hardware Engineering

This new PowerMac G5 has bandwidth to burn. Dual 2 Gigahertz, 64-bit PowerPC Processor with optimised Velocity Engine. 2 Gigahertz Processor Buses each capable of transfer up to 8 Gigabytes per second. The memory subsystem has support up to 8 Gigabytes of 400 Megahertz DDR RAM, with 6.4 Gigabytes per second bandwidth.

Philip Schiller
The new PowerMac G5 has blazingly fast expansion, the fastest ever of personal computer. It features state-of-the-art 8x AGP Pro graphic, a 133 Megahertz PCI-X slot for cutting edge music and video solution and 2 serial ATA buses for ultrafast internal storage.

Jon Rubinstein
The PowerMac is completely new from the ground up and its heart is the PowerPC G5 processor which can handle over 215 in-flight instructions. That’s 70% more than the fastest Pentium on the market today. To create this processor, we turned to IBM.

Dr. John E. Kelly III
Senior Vice President
Technology Group
IBM Corporation

The Goal of this partnership is for Apple and IBM to come together. Apple’s customers get the best of both world, the tremendous creativity from the Apple Corporation and the tremendous techonology from the IBM Corporation.

IBM invested over 3 Billion Dollas in the new fab to produce this large 300-namometers wafer. This G5 microprocessor has over 50 million transistors on it. And it incorporates IBM’s leading edge 130 nanometers technology. That’s 1/800 of the diameter of human hair but this is only the beginning. We have already built the prototype for the next generation PowerPC microprocessor.

Jonathan Ive
Vice President
Industrial Design

The G5 is the incredibly fast chip. And it’s so fast, so powerful that it requires the extraordinary cooling.

We designed the new PowerMac G5 with 4 distinct thermal zones. Now with thermal sensor in each zone, we can actually cool them independently. And that’s important because we need to cool them quietly. It’s in fact that 2-3 times quieter than the G4.

Everything is designed to be straightforward. The door is removable which allows you to complete access to the Harddrive, to cards or to the RAM.

Philip Schiller
The PowerMac G5 is amazing featured engineering. Featuring 2 incredibly fast PowerPC processor, up to 500 Gigabytes of internal storage, a superdrive, up 10 8 Gigabytes of memory breaking the 4 Gigabytes barrier. Everything is more than just expect from Apple’s top-of-the-line machine.

Ed Catmull
Pixar Animation Studios

It’s very important to Pixar. We would be able to show our frames at the full resolution and the G5 let’s us see every pixel on the screen and we’re able to send out of the studio. That’s fantastic.

After running our Renderman benchmark, we can now say that the G5 is the fastest desktop in the world.

Brad Peebler

I think that one word that describe the PowerMac G5 to me is “Stunning”. It’s stunning because while people is speculated that Apple might change chip. They have no idea about the entirely redesign of the architecture. It’s stunning.

The beautiful thing about the G5 is ability to run 32-bit and 64-bit program natively. It is authorised to use lots of different programs and we don’t have to worry about the compatibility with the old program and the new program. They just gonna work. And they gonna faster.

Bruce Chizen
President and CEO
Adobe Systems, Inc.

My first reaction to the G5 is just one of “Wow! Apple has done it again.” The performance of the G5 is incredible. We have been working very closely with Apple and particular with Adobe Photoshop. And the fact is up to 2 times as fast as the previous performance that we’ve experienced on the Macintosh. Apple made Photoshop that much more productive.

Theodore W. Gray
Wolfram Research, Inc.

The G5 is faster than any Unix workstation, it run all of your desktop softwares, after apply a tidy application to run Mathematica version 5 incredibly well. And the real question’s “Why would you buy anything else?”

Philip Schiller
The new G5 is the most advance personal computer in the world. And the partnership with IBM, we committed to seeing that remains the most advance for years to come.

Jonathan Ive And we help to refine and refine the design of the new PowerMac G5 to make it essential, to make it efficient, to make it hornest.

Jon Rubinstein
G5 is the best computer Apple has ever built. From the processor to the buses to the memory, this is one of the kickass machine.